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Yesterday the social media platform Instagram introduced a brand new video feature. Users will now be able to upload 15 second video clips along with the choice of Instagram’s notorious filters. It’s likely that this new feature could spell the end of rival platforms Vine and Keek, who enjoyed a brief buzz luring Instagrams users over to their platform with the choice of short videos over images. With those same users now able to watch and upload videos on Instagram, they no longer have a need to switch between platforms.

In truth it was a natural step for Instagram, who have become one of the most popular social media platforms in the last two years through allowing users to share photos with one another.

Following Instagram’s announcement users immediately began uploading their #firstvideo. Some of them where pointless, some of them where funny and only a hand full were worth a ‘double tap.’

The interesting thing is not so much what the majority of users will be doing with this brand new feature, but how the current set of brands using the platform will manage their accounts with the ability to make 15 second videos.

Fashion and lifestyle brands especially have made great use of Instagram as a tool for interacting with their customers, promoting new products and running competitions. Now these same brands will have to consider how to build this new tool into their social media promotional and marketing plans.

Unlike YouTube, uploaders will only have 15 second’s to play with when it comes to posting a video. This means that brands will have to get creative to avoid making clips that fail to engage their followers. With limited editing available there will be an even greater need for brands to make sure they come up with something innovative, as they won’t have the luxury of professionally editing as they do with their YouTube videos. Many users are bound to use the new feature spontaneously, in the same manner they would do with uploading a picture. This could be something the more outgoing brands try out.

It may also allow individuals in the limelight like musicians, actors and sports stars to offer a more enhanced level of interaction to their fans. But with great power comes great responsibility and in the same way many in the public eye have been left embarrassed after Twitter rants or offending a number of their fans, Instagram’s new video feature also opens the door for such mistakes to be made. Instead this time round they won’t be able to use the excuse, “my account was hacked.”

It will definitely be interesting to see how this situation develops, so make sure you keep an eye out for how your favourite brands and celebrties adapt to the new #instavideos